About us

North Ings was originally built in 1731, it stated its life as a two room one story cottage. 

Over time it has been a dentist (allegedly visited by Sweeney Todd who was a close friend).

It was also a farm house, for a small strip farm located here.

North Ings was bought in 2005 by Wendy & Robert Fretwell, who converted the house into a Bed and Breakfast. 

Skip forward to 2021 and Max ( Wendy & Robert's Son) and Michael Max's Husband moved into North Ings.

As we were in a Lockdown due to Covid-19, when Max & Michael moved in we spent the first few months completely renovating the house ( well the guests side anyway).

You can see the full progress on our facebook and instagram accounts.


We opened as the new look B&B on 17th May 2021.

North Ings is a unique house in Robin Hood's Bay being one of only a few stone built buildings at the top of the bank.  We have a large car park with enough parking for every guest. Which is a great asset as parking is often a problem in Robin Hood's Bay.

We are open all year round, some dates we are room only so please check when booking.

We have a dedicated dining room for serving breakfast where people sit in couples, or fours if in groups, breakfast is served in the separate building.

We don't accept pets or children at North Ings. ( Aside of registered working dogs with an ADUK Passport)

The way the house as been set up means we live in the back of the house, so you'll not meet us on the stairs in our nightwear, the guests side and our home side are separate, again an added bonus, proving our guest and us a little privacy. 

We have installed key code entry on all doors so you'll not have to worry about keys, or even worry about checking in when were here, this enables us to take afternoons off, we are always available on the phone and can keep a track of comings and goings for security with our remote cctv located in reception. 

Should you have issue with a door, no worries we can control them too from wherever we are.

We like to think of property like a hybrid B&B like a cross between a hotel and B&B.

We look forward to meeting you here at North Ings one day.

Max & Michael Fretwell-Kirkham.

Here are some of the photo's before the Renovations.
After the Renovations